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Accommodate the seller. As a buyer, you have to be flexible and willing to sacrifice a bit. Whether it's
Additionally, be willing to overlook the more minor but less-than-perfect characteristics of a given home
because other prospective buyers may not be able or willing to do so.

Prepare.Get a copy of your credit report and settle any debts that may be outstanding. Get
pre-approved for  If you are willing to make the investment, then you must be a qualified, solid,
desirable buyer. Get a copy of your credit report and settle any debts that may be outstanding. Get
pre-approved for loans and mortgages. The seller wants and needs an ideal buyer, someone who is
stable and ready to make a commitment to the property. Going into the negotiation process as a
pre-approved buyer puts you at a major advantage.

Connect with the seller. Your agent will develop a rapport with the seller or the sellers agent to better
serve you and get the price you want. Homeowners are emotionally connected to their homes, so
sellers are usually inclined to sell it to someone who will love it too.

Clean up your act. Eliminating as many contingencies as possible will give you an advantage when
involved in a bidding war. If you have a home to sell before purchasing, sell it first. Reducing
uncertainty makes the buyer more appealing to the seller and will create leverage for the buyer.

Show them the money. Be willing to increase the size of your down payment or make an all cash
offer. Sellers favor strong buyers. If you can afford to make an all cash offer, do so. That's almost
always a definite way to slam-dunk a sale.

Work with the best in the business. Be sure to choose a sales associate who has an excellent
reputation with other agents. Working with a Walterboro Realty Sales Associate who is known in the
industry for professionalism, credibility and honesty will always work in the buyer's favor.